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Tammie, I could make one, given specifications. Is the brand of
watch important?

Tammie; We do a lot of nugget work here in Alaska, but I’ve sure
never seen a white nugget. Jerry in Kodiak

This would be quit the project. you would have to make each
nugget and solder it to the case but i can see where this is very
possible as you can make nuggets with a charcoal block and a
carbon rod and push the metal around when it is at that clumpie
temp.  Very time consuming but possible. It may look a
little strange also but possible. I have worked at some shops
that do the nugget watch cases and bands and have also done
remounts where the customer wanted a nugget  made from the
left over gold so just heat it up to that stage when you can to
move the metal in clumps (small Clumps). The ones for the watch
case will be much smaller but it should work…

If it were me i would say ok but with the understanding it would
be costly and at their own risk.

Hope this helps… JB

Ps. this is the stuff that makes what we all do fun…

Hi Tammie:

Need your request custom made [14kt w/g nugget braclet & watch]?
If so call 1-800-488-3141 Dale Foster/Raymond Gordon or @Dale_Foster

   We do a lot of nugget work here in Alaska, but I've sure
never seen a white nugget. 

I believe she’s talking about the style of jewelry called
"nugget", which originated somewhere in the '60s, and has been
deteriorating ever since in tastlessness and overused style. Has
nothing to do with actual nuggets. It’s just a bunch of freeform
carving into the wax model creating sorta chunky lumps, crevices,
bumps, etc, which sorta look nuggety to some folks. A bit like
scattering aquarium gravel on a wax base, and molding it and
casting it that way… When if first came out it was new and
experimental and all that. Now it’s usually associated with
those segments of society that just wanna wear lots of gold, as
flashy as possible, without much sense of design. Goes well
with the inch wide multiple serpantene/herringbone chains.
Popular with some of the manufacturers who like to keep
manufactuering costs down, since you just tumble it, hard lap
some bright facets on some of the higher lumps, rouge a little,
and your done and out the door, without needing to worry so much
about casting quality or careful finishing work or the like.
Plus, if your selling your gold by the gram, this stuff can be
made as heavy as you like, or as nice hollowed out flimsy stuff
that meets economy class price points, especially when cast in 7
ct gold and plated with 18K color and stamped 14K or 18K anyway
and then sold on credit, at 5x markups but then discounted so it
can be called “on sale”, to people who don’t know any better and
can ill afford to be throwing their cash away. (OK, OK. I take
that back. that last sentance was a cheap shot. Most of it
really is pretty close to the karat it’s marked, and some of it
is sold cheaply without bothering with the markup/discount down

Sorry if the above offends anyone. Just calling it as I feel
about it, having seen (and had to make) that sort of thing for a
very long time now. Can anyone tell I abhor the junk? Some
selected pieces can be nice enough, of course. But it’s been
done so very much it’s a very long way from original or
innovative or modern or anything else like that, now. And so
many of the pieces you see are from fifth generation knock-off
rubber molds that completely ignore any original copyrights and
make no attempt to maintain the original quality, and so much
of it is so crappy, that for the life of me I cannot see how some
salespeople can look a customer in the eye and say “this is
beautiful and good quality”. Kind of a slap in the face to
everything jewelers have developed in design trends and standards
of goldsmithing skill over the last 30 years.

But then, thats just my opinion of this class of nugget jewelry.
The stuff you guys do in Alaska, of course, decorating items
with actual gold nuggets, is quite different, and though not
usually on the cutting edge of design, instead draws it’s
validity from long traditions. And it’s often very nicely made

Like I said, just my 2 cents. If, instead, you actually like
that “nugget” style, then don’t listen to my ranting, and enjoy
it. your choice.

Peter Rowe
gettin off the soap box now.

(PS, Oh, a suggestion. For the watch, use a Longines movement.
Nice traditional mediocre quality movement often sold in such
style jewelry, that somehow gained a reputation as being a high
quality watch… If that isn’t available, then get a movement
from a cheap quality plated immitation Rolex. Again, it seems

Fellow members, I have a customer with the need of a 14 kt white
gold nugget womans watch with white gold nugget bracelet. Any


Kim Imports, Inc. in Dallas carries 10k &14k yellow gold nugget
bracelets & watches with Seiko movements. You may want to
contact them & see if they can get them in white gold. Their
number is: 800-275-5555 or 214-385-7555.

Good luck.

Sharon Z.