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G’day; If you want your synthetic nuggets to look much like the
real thing - alluvial gold, water-worn in a stream or river -
simply choose a nice LITTLE river-worn pebble which isn’t
symmetrical, and may have the odd rounded pit or two, and use it
as a model to cast it in 18 ct gold - which is the usual value of
much alluvial gold. Would fool anyone - other than someone who
knew the district from whence it was supposed to have come. The
alluvial gold nuggets from most NZ rivers are just like small
flat-ish pebbles. Cheating? maybe, but ‘synthetic’ 18 carat
nuggets are worth their weight in 18 carat gold, eh? But white
gold nuggets? Nah! And cheers,

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 /  /

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/ /| \ @John_Burgess2
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At sunny Mapua, Nelson NZ in spring. Daffs are being replaced with
magnolia. Lambs getting big!