November Cover LJ

As a fellow Orchid member and LJ cover alum (October 2000), I want to
second Cynthia’s positive words about LJ.

The editorial staff and graphic design folks were great to work with.
I live about 5 miles from their main offices in Devon, PA, so I drove
over with my iMac to download the bead chart that accompanied my
Jewelry Journal article. We had fun playing with the new toy (only
have the Mac for one little bead design application!) and it was very
neat to see the graphics in development for the how-to.

In fact, the how-to featured the sterling cuff design that I’d posted
to this list about earlier in the year. That’s how I got hooked up
with Dan Grandi (JAGMAN) to do the casting. We mentioned Dan in the
Jewelry Journal article; I know there have been quite a few queries
to him since then…

When Cathleen McCarthy interviewed me for what turned out to be the
cover story, she got very interested in the whole process of the
Orchid community and how it works. I’m so glad to see that the
connection is continuing!

Thank you, Hanuman, and everyone else in Orchid.

Amy Karash
fine craft beadWork
610-354-5349 voice

This November issue of LJ is exceptional. I’ve been enjoying it
immensely. I think the contributors, the writers and the staff of LJ
did an outstanding job with this issue. And Cynthia Wiig, since I know
you “personally” through our off-line e-mails, I’m particularly proud
of you. You did a great job and I expect to see more of your work.
Cynthia is just as gracious as others have pointed out.

Orchid has done an exceptional job of helping us to network. Through
the efforts of Hanuman / Dr. Aspler, it has allowed us to share
ideas, receive support from our peers, stretch our experimentation,
troubleshoot our problems and receive valuable advice from
knowledgeable people. Many times, it has been just what I needed to go
a little further, and to take the next step in my journey. This is how
a global forum should work, and I feel Orchid has been successful.
Thank goodness we have such a wonderful and sharing ‘community’.

Keep up the good work, all. K.P. in WY