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November 2000 Lapidary Journal

The mailman made me happy yesterday because he delivered the latest
LJ magazine. Because of the resent postings on orchid regarding this
issue I was looking forward to reading this months edition. The cover
images are “drop dead gorgeous”. It is a great source of intellectual
stimulation to be able to see and read excellent publications and to
have access to the same individual artists on orchid. I have not read
through much of issue yet (only on page 23) but after years of loving
LJ it now has even more meaning for me. Thank you to all of the
wonderful people who take time away from their intensely busy lives to
post on orchid.

Special thanks I send to Dr. Aspler and all others that make this
forum possible.

The reason that I have only read 23 pages of this illustrious
magazine is that last night I went the Prince concert in Richmond,
Virginia, USA. Bedtime was 2:00am; this is very challenging for a 52
year old that normally gets up at 5:00am. Life does not get much
sweeter than this, Prince in the evening and orchid in the morning.

Cathy Wheless @Cathy_Wheless