Nose stud

Hi all:

As usual, having a wonderful time reading your posts every day and
find it exceptionally thrilling that there are so many restless minds
out there!!! And I can see that you all have a very good sense of
humour too!!! I love it! Anyway, I have a friend who wants
desperately to have a tiny diamond nose stud but doesn’t want it to
notice too much (she’s kinda shy)and wants the type that goes beneath
the skin, not the kind that penetrates the nose. Instead of being
straight, the post is in an L shape so the stud doesn’t fall out. A
1.5mm stone is small enough, but if I put a bezel around it it will
look twice the size! I was thinking of making a tiny cone shaped
bezel that fits just on the bottom and just gluing it on. Would that
be the solution or is there a better way? Do any of you know how to
pierce (beneath the skin- not through it) in an L shape. Here there
is no one who does it and or has even heard of it. I once met a
french woman who had one and she looked surprisingly beautiful, she
also used this system. I can’t get hold of her but am sure that at
least one of you experimented metal lovers must have heard of this.

Any tips or whatevers would be of great help. Thanks,

Krystina Fowler
Santiago- Chile

Krystina, I have never heard of this style of pierce, but suggest you
might posta question to the newsgroup rec.arts.bodyart. Folks there
are very knowledgeable and sympathetic to genuine enquiries.

Kevin  (UK)