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Norton 4/0 emery paper equivalent

I’m having a hard time finding more Norton 4/0 emery paper. Seems it was discontinued a while back. I use it to touch up gravers. Could someone suggest an equivalent brand?


The very best solution is to buy
#800 grit or even #1,200 grit!!!
Then use a graphite soft leaded
pencil from an art & hobby store.
Rub that pencil lead onto the paper
and let the rubbing fill in the pores
of the paper.
What you will have is something that
no supplier even thought of. I have been
using that method for over 50 years.
The rubbing-effect will smooth the
graver beyond your wildest expectations.
Hope that this method works for your
gravers as it does with mine…:wink:
Gerry! from my Toronto IPhone
3:45 a.m.EDT

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As an additional reply to ‘Monica on polishing papers’ are two photographs
showing just how the graphite pencil rubbing is done. The ‘shine’ being
then produced is just ‘a-awesome’, just like “Hubble Telescope” mirror!
(well almost!)

Gerry Lewy (-5GMT)
Toronto, Ontario.

Do a search on Norton 4/0. I found several hits. Also, don’t overlook lapidary suppliers such as Kingsley North and others…Rob

I don’t know if this is helpful, but auto supply places carry extremely
fine sandpapers. Finer than any other place that I have been in. I use an
india stone but am certainly no engraver.


I suggest buying 1-2 sheets for experimental
purposes. Keep the smooth oil-stone!
I don’t use ‘sandpaper’, but mine is a
"Polishing paper".

Gerry! from my Toronto IPhone
(-5 GMT)

I thought I found some from a jewelry supplier on Amazon. But the quality is terrible. It feels uneven and lumpy. Not even graphite would help that. I’ll definitely take your suggestions. Thanks!

Monica, I have three sheets of 4/0 norton and am willing to let one go.
took me a while to find these a few years back. I don’t really think
there is an equivalent.


Thanks Gerry! Thats an awesome tip.

That idea of a graphite pencil rubbing was taught to me well over 50 years ago. That idea is not taught in many schools, why? I suggest some instructors just ignore the setting techniques from the ‘mature’ Diamond Setters!..:wink:
Gerry! from my Toronto IPhone
(-5 GMT)

Thanks for the offer, but since they’re getting harder to find, I might as well find a different product to use.

Yes, it is a great tip. I learned that when I took classes at Revere. Really took the graver to the next level!

Just stay with the now common kind of Polishing Papers, namely the #800 or
#1,200 grits. These can be bought now just everywhere!

Gerry Lewy (-5GMT)
Toronto, Ontario.

Hi All,
Another suggestion is check out the marine stores and catalogs. They sell the fine wet and dry paper for finishing the wood and fiberglass. That is where I get mine!

As per and other places I checked online

Micron (µ) Avg Size

JIS (Mesh)

ANSI (Grit)

FEPA (P-Grade)

Flexible Diamond (µ)








So if you go to an auto parts or autobody supplier and ask for 1200 grit paper you are getting 4-0 paper


Seems they have a new product