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[Norfolk] Jewelry Attractions

I was not impressed with the Virginia Beach “Beads & Rocks” store the
couple of times I visited. It has been over two years though, so
maybe it has changed. When I was last there the store was freezing,
the displays were jumbled, the prices were high and the selection was

My suggestion would be to find out what the attractions were at the
Virginia Beach Contemporary Art Center (I went to a Chihuly exhibit
there a year ago), Virginia Beach Pavillion (which is across the
street from the CAC) and Norfolk’s Chrysler museum. I looked but
cannot find my schedules.

In Hampton I would suggest The Electric Glass Company on Mallory
Street in Phoebus, and in Jamestown the Glass Factory (a historical
site that uses Colonial methods in glass manufacture.)

This is more of a historical area than anything else. If you would
like to email me with specific areas of interest I could probably be
more helpful.

Donna Marie

The best jewelry attraction in Virginia Beach is the NewApproach
School, operated by Blaine Lewis. Everyone that has been there has
been impressed by Blaine’s state-of-the-art facility, with a video
microscope above the instructor’s bench and several monitors on the
walls. If you’re hangin’ in V.B. for a few days, you might want to
take a peak. Check his web site for directions and schedules:

The Chrysler Museum in Norfolk is one that you should see. Great
glass collection. Always an interesting show on exhibit.

D. Zaruba