Noose knots

The Rio Grande catalog for gems and findings, from Summer
1998-99. On Page 234 you will find a picture and instructions
for making the adjustable knot. Frances 

I’m very curious and as I did not what a noose knot was I rushed
for my Rio Grande. The knot shown in RG is a very simple one but
not especially good for the purpose of knotting leather strings
for necklaces.

In Irene From Petersens book (I only have the Danish version, on
page 12) there is a very good description on how to knot a
leather string. I’ve been wearing such a thing for more than two
years now with no problem If you use this knot yuou will avoid
having the ends of the leather string poke out perpendicular to
the string and thus irritating the skin. There are other
advantages to this knot: it dont loosen so easily as the
fishermans knot described in the RG, and it easier adjustable.

I dont know the name of the knot in English but translated from
Danish it would be leesail knot around other part.

Kind regards
Niels L=F8vschal, Jyllinge, Denmark

Dear Niels,

I’m not sure that I can get a copy of the book that you’re
referring to. Would it be possible for you to give us
directions on how to tie this knot? I doubt that I’m the only
one who would appreciate the

Thank You,


Hi Niels,

If you’re refering to the ‘Leather slipknot’, it’s shown in the left
hand column of page 12 in the US (English) version of the book also.
In the US the book is available from Lark Books,

I’m not connected with Lark Books, just a satisfied customer.


For all, The Irene From Petersen book is available in the US for
$15.00, it is sold for working with wire. One of the best values I
have seen and yes it is translated from the Danish language. Teresa

I did some quick and messy graphics and tried my best to put the knot
tying into words and dumped it all on a webpage. Have a look for how
I do sliding knots.

Note that the URL is case sensitive.

Lynn A. Davis
Tephra’s Treasures
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And Other Fine Treasures

Hello to Noose-knot seekers,

Bead & Button magazine issue #13 (February 1996) has complete
instructions on page 5. This should be available at Bead shops or at

Good Luck.