Noose Knots

Warm wishes to all;

I am just a bit in trouble -

I have a quite large order to fill in a short time. When I contracted the
order, no problem with the date of delivery. However today the client
called me and said she had a small change. to make. A large portion of the
order is on goat leather.with antique African trade beads. She today ,
changed the design to the with no silver clasps, but rather an adjustable
leather closure. I think they would look very nice, with the materials
It is a snafu for me . because I do not know figs about this knotting
technique. I am in a bit of a dither. Any help, , I will be most grateful.
I have a FAX. If that might help. My deepest gratitude from the heart.

With warm regards

Nicole Dawn Crain

Nicole - Please say you’ll be kind to yourself and your business and your
client and let her know this change will cause the date of delivery to be
pushed back… Even if she’ll agree to a partial delivery by the original

Good luck! Wish I could help out with the technique…
Lori Bugaj

Hi Nicole There is a girl at “Beads of Avalon” Trudy, in Gainsville that
knows how to make those knots and she has a fax, I saw her make them but
they are very confusing to make . Find out if you have any navy guys
that live near you or call the Boy Scouts…The Navy Can be found at any
VA Hospital, or Veteran Affairs Office. All the Best

I hope you were not too rattled to tell your customer that with the change
in the order and the change in delivery there would also be a LARGE change
in the price. I have found over the years that this will often cause the
buyer to rethink the oh so necessary changes that they need so desperately.
When someone changes the delivery date on a contract or the color or size
of the order they have changed the contract and a new price should be
negotiated. That is how business works. I constantly have customers who
call and want the piece days to weeks before the contracted delivery date,
until they hear the new price. Faster is more expensive. Enough ranting
hope you work it out.Frank

Two closures come to mind. The simplest is to knot a loop in one end of
the string and knot a large bead on the other, with the bead being slipped
through the loop (much like a button through a button hole) to form the
closure. This type would work regardless of the necklace length, and would
be appropriate for a choker.

The second involves each cord being tied over the other using an overhand
knot on each side. (Do you chrochet? Think of the first knot formed to
begin a simple chain.) The knot in each end slides over the cord from
the other end, with each each knot forming a “stop” at the end of the cord.
This one is hard to explain, but soooo easy when you see it. It allows
for adjustment of the necklace length to some degree, but doesn’t work well
with most chokers. Should you want a picture, email me your FAX, and I’ll
simply do a photocopy of this and fax it to you. Isn’t Orchid Great!!

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Hall Kansas State University Manhattan KS 66506 (785)532-5418 FAX
(785) 532-6944

Nicole. Take a 36" piece of leather and tie a knot loosely in one end near
the end of the cord. slide the other end THRU the knot and tie another
knot OVER the cord that leads to the first knot. Pull each knot tight and
cut off cord next to knots. To expand the necklace to go over the head,
slide knots together, to adjust once over the head, slide knots apart.
Hope this helps, Suzanne

Nicloe, I took a workshop on this kind of knot . I made detaled
sketches and notes — let me know your fax nbr. and I’ll send you a
copy. You better figure on at least another 15 to 20 mins. per peice
additional time–hope this is less cost than your origional closing ,
Could you make do with a loop on one end and a bead on the other as the
’noose’ knot dosn’t give a very big opening if you are doing a choaker.

Nicole. The Rio Grande catalog for gems and findings, from Summer
1998-99. On Page 234 you will find a picture and instructions for making
the adjustable knot. Frances

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