Nonero Silver alloy


I’ve heard of a new silver alloy called “Nonero” from C. Hafner in
Germany that does not tarnish. Don’t know if it contains palladium.
Maybe their website at provides some
about it.

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Nonero silver contains a bit of Silicium in order to reduce
tarnishing. I have heard though that the alloy reacts slightly
different from usual sterling, e.g. when “soldering” fine gold on it
without solder.

Hi Sabina

I remember having read something about the nonero silver in the
german GZ (Goldschmiede-Zeitung) one or two years ago. I think they
had a comparison on the technical properties of the nonero with
ordinary sterling, and as far as I remember there was no mentioning
of the actual contents of the nonero. Have tried to go through all my
old GZs, but could not find anything (am missing a few editions).
Anybody out there in Orchidia heard about it?

Kind regards
Niels L�vschal, Jyllinge, Denmark