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Non US Suppliers


Hi all, First, thanks to all of you who took the time to help me
with the research for my book co-written with Linda Chandler. It’s
getting published, I’m very happy to say! I would like to include
good sources for jewelry making materials in places other than the
USA. I know all the Europeans, Canadians, etc. must have an awful
time buying from the U.S., what with dealing with customs and
currency exchange. Any suggestions for suppliers outside the USA
would be very much appreciated. Thanks for your wonderful support.


Dear Christine, Here are the main suppliers in The Netherlands:

1. Bijou Moderne (010-5296600, Bleiswijk)
( )

2. Titanium Pro (074-2507871, Hengelo)
( )

3. Alma Findings (072-5203333, Alkmaar)

4. Sch=F6ne Edelmetaal B.V. (020-6270026, Amsterdam)

5. Drijfhout Edelmetaal (020-5648564, Amsterdam)
( )

6. M.C.Herens/ J.Schmalz (0182-329000, Schoonhoven)
( )

If you need more please contact me.

I hope this helps you.


hi there for the UK there are a number of suppliers in the hatton
garden area of london, namely r.holt co ltd 98 hatton garden london
EC1N 8NX for gem stones h.s. walsh sons ltd 12-16 clerkenwell rd
london EC1M 5PQ for tools and equipment j blundell sons ltd 199
wardoour street london W1V 4JN for bullion
amongst others. good luck w2ith your book, katja


Hi Christine, here are a few canadian companies(with websites) or
companies with canadian warehouses. Some items I have to import, but
thats life.  (I love these ppl)

Jon, Montreal