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Non-Stop Automatic Gem Cutting

Our company is working with a start-up company in Israel who has
developed a new technology for non-stop automatic cutting of
colored stones. They can be either precious or semi-precious
stones. This state-of-the-art system enables computer aided
design for standard and traditional shapes. It is also possible
to create any free style designs of fantasy shapes.

We are preparing a market study for this new company to help
them better understand as to what are the current technologies
that are being used in Thailand for the cutting and polishing of
Is most of the production being done by handcutting?
Are there systems from Europe being used? I would be very
appreciative if maybe someone could give me an idea as to monthly
wages for the Thai gemstone worker. Also, approximately how many
gemstones can be produced by hand per hour.

Sylvia Burlin
Trendlines International Ltd. Israel