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Non Silver Items in Anti-Tarnish Zip Bags


Hi Everyone!

I sent this question in a while back and there were no replies. Does
that mean no one knows? Or maybe it just got overlooked in the

If anyone knows about this, I would really appreciate your response

    • I bought a lot of these and now that I’m using more Argentium
      Sterling and the Sterling with 5% Platinum, I don’t really need them
      much to protect my sterling so I’d like to use them for other
      things…if they won’t damage them.

    I just got some of those Anti-Tarnish Zip Lock Bags treated
    with Silver-Guard. My question: Can you store non-silver items
    in them also? For example, turquoise beads, gold-filled
    findings, wood beads, etc? I would hate to is-color or
    otherwise harm non-silver items.

    Does anyone know?

Thanks, as always!
Nan Lewis Jewelry


Hi Nan

I don’t know directly, but whenever I have a question like this I
call Rio Grande and tell them I have a technical question. I have had
good experiences so far. If they don’t know, they will find out.

Good Luck


Hello Nan,

This comes from the manufacture of our Silver Guard Anti-Tarnish Zip
Bags. I really can’t speak for any others on the market.

“double-checked with our technical director, to answer this
question. He confirmed that Silver-Guard anti-tarnish bags have no
effect on Silver-Guard is a passive tarnish protector for
silver. It does not emit or outgas into the packaging environment.
It only neutralizes the corrosion or tarnish-causing elements
inside. If there is no silver inside the bag, it has nothing to
absorb and neutralize. If the package contains turquoise, for
example, the inherent properties of the poly film protect the gems
against moisture, dirt, and other contaminants. The benefits of
Silver-Guard kick in only when the package contains silver.”

Hope this answers your question.


Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Sales and Support
800-545-6566 ex 13903