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Non-competition agreement

Does anyone have a boiler-plate of a non-competition agreement they
would be willing to share?


Does anyone have a boiler-plate of a non-competition agreement

You need to pay for the assistance of an attorney in your state to
even think about playing this game.

James E. White
Inventor, Marketer, and Author of “Will It Sell? How to Determine If
Your Invention Is Profitably Marketable (Before Wasting Money on a
Patent)” Info Sites:,

Does anyone have a boiler-plate of a non-competition agreement
they would be willing to share? 

Here’s a non- compete agreement I’ve used. I am NOT a lawyer. My
lawyer liked this, but! Have your lawyer check it out to see if it
is appropriate for your use, in your state, etc…

When I worked at the Franklin Mint, I had people come in with 4 page
Letters of Non disclosure. Our legal department was not willing to
drop what they were doing to go over it. It’s important to cover all
the important stuff, and keep it short.

Both parties should sign and date it before showing the product,
concept, etc…


(your name or company name) - (your product name)

The companies, partners and contacts agree that any product design,
theme, concept marketing strategies, or any other information
obtained by them from (your name or company name) regarding (your
product name) shall be considered as the private and privileged
property of (your name or company name). Such regarding
(your product name) shall not be copied or divulged to any firm,
institution or individual, or used in any manner, competitive or
otherwise except with the written authorization of (your name).
Furthermore all designs and models regarding the above
product shall be returned promptly to (your name or company name) if
no written agreements are made. The parties acknowledge (your name or
company name) rights for injunctive relief by any court to enjoin or
restrain the unauthorized disclosure or use of such

This…day of…, 200…

by (your name) … (signature) … of (your
company name)

and (name of person you are showing it to) … (their
signature) …

representing: … (name of company they work for)

Again. Get your lawyer to review this before using it. I am not a
lawyer, I do not, can not know if this is appropriate for you.

Have a great day!

-Kate Wolf, in Portland Maine, hosting wicked good workshops by the

In the State of Ohio, non-competitive agreement can be no longer
than 2 years and only for the State of Ohio and contiguous states,
unless you sign a contract stating otherwise. Then you can go to
court and spent all your money get the state standard enforced in
your case.


Traditionally, courts have struck down the "right to make a living"
restrictions established by these agreements. In order for the court
to enforce such an agrement, the employer must prove one or more of
the following:

  • the employer has a legitimate business interest to protect by
    restricting its employees’ right to compete against it;

  • the restriction on the employee’s right to compete is no greater
    than that necessary to protect the employer’s business interest; and

  • the covenant not to compete is supported by consideration, meaning
    that the employee received something in exchange for it (i.e. you
    may need to compensate the employee to some degree).

Please contact an attorney as you see fit.

Neal Moody