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Noisy Ultrasonics

Hello Jeff. I too am sensitive to excess noise and do my best to
avoid it. But I don’t find the ultrasonic to be offensive and it’s
very near me. I wonder if you are aware about keeping the liquid
level up to within an inch of the top, or that you must never, ever,
have your workpieces loose and bouncing on the bottom. I didn’t -
for a long time. The manufacturers tell you very little or nothing
about proper use. Finally our wonderful fix-it man Ken Kotoski wrote
an excellent paper on the subject. I hope it’s in the archives safely
for all to read. I proof-read the early draft of it for him and
profited greatly. Another example of how difficult it is to gather
on things we should be able to take for granted. Ken has
now moved on, but I’m sure his excellent work on helping us all will
stay with us. Give the archives a look.


Does anyone have a broken ultrasonic bath, more specifically, a non
working piezoelectric transducer? I would like to see if the
transducer can be re-poled. It should be possible with single crystal
PZT transducers. Where did Ken Kotoski move on to? I enjoyed reading
his posts on ultrasonics.

Jeff Simkins

I’m not sure what you mean by a non working piezo, however I may
have several that are weak. E-mail direct with more specifics.

Hope we can help
Mike & Dale, Lone Star Technical Service

Hi Jeff Simkins,

I have lots used/broken ultrasonics & used/broken transducers you
can experiment with. just email me dirrectly. Ken has moved onto
fine watch repair. His new web site is

John Cranor
The Jewelry Equipment Dr.

If you're feeling a little adventurous I can tell you how to use
an old 12 volt power adapter from electronic equipment to make your
own. Most people have one or two laying around or headed for the

John, I’d be interested in trying this. I’ve got several of them
lying around, I think.

– M’lou Brubaker, Jeweler
Goodland, MN