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Noisy Foredom suggestions

Hi again! Thanks for the info regarding the white(ish) god that I
asked about earlier. We have a small shop, and a small rectifier, and
have been plating SOME stuff, but here lately, it seems like we need
to plate it all. ugh. We called a company today that claims to have
"precise white gold", wont discolor, never plated. We shall see…

Anyway. We got a new Foredom Flex-Shaft, less than 2 years ago, and
altho I have lubricated it, sprayed it out with compressed air,
etc., it is now VERY noisy, and sometimes doesn’t “start” when I push
the pedal. Any suggestions?


end it in to Foredom (or call them first and see if they have any
ideas). I have a noisy motor that will not quiet down after a
takedown, blow out, check bearings/bushings, new carbons, so I am
going to send it in to them. Is the hand piece noisy or the cable
or the motor?

John Dach


The starting problem could be worn brushes. You should inspect them
and replace them if the show lots of wear. You can order brushes
from any one of the jewelry supply houses.

The noise problem could be due to several things. You might
disconnect the cable assembly from the motor. Then run the motor.
If you still have the noise with the cable removed then the noise
is coming from the motor. The noise could be the fault of the bad
bearings. Foredom could replace the bearings.

If there is no noise when the cable is removed then the problem is
in the cable. You can replace the entire cable assembly or
replaces pieces until the noise is gone.

To start with lube the existing shaft. If that does not end the
noise you need to install a new shaft in the sheath. Lube it well
before placing it in the sheath. If you still have noise after
installing a new shaft then you will need to install a new sheath.

All cable pieces, brushes and lube can be purchased from any one of
the jewelry supply houses.

Lee Epperson

Check your “bushings” in the motor for the ‘noise’. I failing that,
call your Foredom representative, its too early to have problems like
the noise and not starting…gerry!