[NJ] Need Wire-WorkTeacher

Hi all,

We’ve got a class for making pendants this Thursday, July 20th, from
7 - 10 p.m. in central Jersey and our teacher just BAGGED OUT ON US
at the last minute!

It’s a pretty good deal for someone who can step in (no soldering,
all copper wire work making simple pendants, small class of four
students, we provide tools) – the pay is 30% of the total, which is
$49.95 per student, so for three hours’ work we’re paying almost
$70.00. PLUS we have a possible earring workshop running one week
later, same deal. If anyone out there is interested, or knows
someone who might be, PLEASE call Arts Umbrella at (732) 603-2288.
Also: these workshops run a few times a year, so it’s good potential
for future work, small classes, lovely storefront environment on a
Main Street near shops, not a lot of stress.

Thanks in advance!

– Arts

Arts again, The wire workshop dates were changed to 7/27 for the
Pendants, and 8/3 for the Earrings. Please contact me if interested. – Arts

Hi, I’m a jeweler in Eatontown. My wife and I do everything from loom
beadwork to pave’ diamond setting, lapidary etc. We’re not really
wire wrappers although I’ve been a goldsmith and silversmith for 30
yrs, so I know a little about wire! Do you run other courses as well?
If you’d like to talk give us a call at 732-229-9080. Ed & Georgia Dougherty.

Ed & Georgia, Thanks for introducing yourselves to us. Yes, we do
run other workshops as well and we’re always looking for new
instructors with new workshop ideas. You can give us a call at
732-603-2288 and if you’d like, and mail us photos and information
(short syllabus, length and time of workshops) of what you’d like to
teach and what your rates are. Usually, we offer instructors 30% of
the tuition the students pay (plus students pay for materials). We’re
a small school started nearly 2 years ago, so we don’t get huge
classes - we’ll run a class for a minimum of 3 students, and can
accommodate up to about 8. As two examples, the wire-wrapping class
I mentioned runs for 3 hours and students pay $49.95 for it, $15.95
materials fee; another workshop we run is making serving tray with 6
tiles which students handpaint, we dip and glaze, and then the 2nd
(last) class we grout them in - price, $110, which includes a
finished oak wood tray with brass handles, six 4-1/4" tiles, and all
materials and patterns (given in 2 sessions, 3 hours and 2 hours).
I’ve made a note of your number and will keep it on file. Hope to
hear from you – Madeline