Nitinol is a memory metal

In the electronic instrument industry a company named Foxboro
had a line of indicators that had a wire to drive the pointer
needle on an indicator. The wire would contract when heated by
electric current. I believe the wire was called Nitonal.

As memory serves, nitinol is a “memory metal”. Upon hating, it
doesn’t contract, but returns to it’s original position.

Bruce D. Holmgrain
Maryland’s first JA Certified Senior Bench Jeweler

   As memory serves, nitinol is a "memory metal". ... Upon
hating, it doesn't contract, but returns to it's original

hating? Makes it sound like we’re talking about Serbian
political hijinks.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.


   hating?  Makes it sound like we're talking about Serbian
political hijinks. 

After hearing that that fellow was serious about sizing a ring
in 8 places, I think that I better clarify myself. The word was
supposed to be “heating” Sorry 'bout that… ;0)

Nitinol was developed by the navel ordinance lab. Foxboro used
it in there pen recorder drive motors. NASA used it to open
antenna and solar panels on satellites when the stuff is forged or
stranded it will remember that position. If you deform it will
return to its original shape with mild heat. They dentist tried
to use it as wires on brasses but if the person drank hot coffee
it nearly pulled there teeth out. The alloy is primarily nickel.
I worked for The Foxboro company at one time.

And G’day; seems like you have an etch, Peter. And I’m not a bit
sorry for that! Even if you do think of some (en) grave
pun-ishment. Cheers

Thank you everyone. Nitinol was the material we needed a name
for. Someone told one of my students about this material but
forgot to tell her the name of it, then went off overseas. With
the name she has been able to find plenty of What
did we do before the Net! Thanks again. Valerie.