Niobuim -allergic reactions

I was going to buy a niobium earring. I was wondering if it was toxic
in any way or caused any allergic reactions. If you could please
right back i would greatly appreciate it.


If I remember correctly, very few people are allergic to niobium…


As far as I have been told, niobium is hypoallergenic. I know they
use titanium for surgical implants.

Don Friedlich

Hello, We have been selling niobium ear wires for 20 years and have
never heard of a reaction related to the wire. It is less reactive
then titanium which is often used for implants. Many people use
niobium body jewelry. Not to worry. Bill

Patrick, I have worn niobium earrings in my 11 holes in my head (ears)
for many years. It is the only metal that doesn’t cause a nasty
allergic reaction on my ears :frowning: Please note however, the color has
long since disappeared from the earrings…they are now a dark gray


Having used Niobium for several years, my understanding is that it is
hypoallergenic…no reaction in normal people. However, there are
people out there who cannot tolerate any contact with metal at all.


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