Niobium wire

Has anyone heard of any allergies to anodized niobium wire? I made
a pair of earrings with it - and now I’m wondering… Karen Toronto

 Has anyone heard of any allergies to anodized niobium wire? I
made a pair of earrings with it - and now I'm wondering... Karen

Hi Karen

don’t worry about niobium allergies. Niobium alloys are being used
in surgery, aswell as body piercing jewellery. Piercers have found
that the healing time is greatly reduced when niobium jewellery is
used. compared to the standard 316t surgical stainless steel. There
is about the same chance of allergic reaction as wi th a quality
alloy of gold. Meaning that yes there will always be a very small
percentage of people that will have a reaction, but the majority wi
ll be fine. The very small risk is worth the end result. Those
fabulo us colours that can be created. If you are still in doubt.
Check out the online Ezine called the BME (body modification
ezine), but prepare yourself for some extreme pictures of new
places to wear jewellery. There are many stainles s steel and
Niobium jewellery manufacturers links that you could contact fo r
advice at this amazing website. Kind regards

Brian S

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other query on this
matter I would also be interested in seing your Niobium jewellery.

Hi Brian, Sounds like there is quite a Niobium jewelry culture out
there. Might you (or anybody listening) know a source for Niobium
or Anodized colors in a giant kidney earwire?

Rio Grande offers nobium in there

Good luck!

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I only know of one niobium source… and they have more than I
could ever dream of (not that I dream of niobium…). That’s
Reactive Metals Studio. I think I just received a flier from them
that their costs on niobium have gone up, and they are raising
their prices. Also a good source for mokume gane sheet, miniature
nuts & bolts, bead blasters and Sparkie fusion welders.

Oh yeah: email:


Dave Sebaste
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