Ninja Warrior Mini Split Lap System

Dear All,

We have begun production on a small but growing line of jewelry
designed by David Lee. We are shifting the mind set and techniques
from that required to produce one of a kind pieces to reproduceable
ones. One of the areas we need to improve efficiency in is
finishing. Has anyone used the Ninja Warrior Mini Split Lap System
as shown in the RIO catalog on page 421? Gesswein has the same item
on page 331. We are looking for feedback before purchasing.

Any first hand endorsements out there?

Thanks, and take care all.

david lee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa

I have one and I am not very happy with it, I think it is a waste of
money if you are looking at it for split lapping as it is not
anywhere near powerful enough for doing more than minimal touch up
of already finished surfaces. The sanding pads seem like a good idea
but I have found that it is very difficult to get them to run true
and you tend to wear out small areas of the abrasive and waste the
rest of it. So I feel I would have been better off to just buy the
split lap in the first place. – Jim Binnion

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We recently got our Ninja Warrior after it had been back ordered, I
imagine there are many other happy customers out there. We love our
Ninja Warrior, it’s quiet and works well and is very efficient
because of the split laps you can see how much material you are
removing when lapping, and the optional hose hook up for suction
removal of the metal debris is a great option to reclaim precious
metals. The only recommendation I have is if you order this tool, be
sure to order additional Ninja Disc back-up pads so you can quickly
and easily switch to different grits.

Sara D. Grinnell
C&L Gems LLC
Minneapolis, MN