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Nina Gibson Bench/Studio


I enjoy looking at your studio set ups. Some I drool with envy over. I have a small (not tiny) house with an unusable (detached) garage space, so I have one wall of my kitchen breakfast room area to use. It’s an 8.5’ stretch of real estate, which is all I need. The only thing not shown is my photograph area, which is still in the dining room.
I found a small kitchen cart with a granite top for my soldering station. The wine rack in the bottom of it is perfect for holding my disposable propane tanks for the EZ torch. My grandmother’s sewing machine table is heavy duty enough to hold my rolling mill and jooltool. The old Singer sewing machine is sill in there and works if I need it.



I like your area. Love the stand for your pickle and torch.


Fun to see your great use of space. Sometimes having less space is better than too much. It forces you to be more organized and come up with clever solutions. Like keeping the working sewing machine under the rolling mill! I’d guess you will probably always lean toward using space efficiently even if you someday have a huge studio. I like having the work space feel like a cockpit myself, with everything within easy reach. Thanks for sharing.


Love this! Hopefully a good kick in the pants for any lurkers who have been meaning to post pictures of their workspace! I love these, such a great way to learn.


A very nice setup! My only suggestion would be to get rid of your “executive chair” with arms and a tendency to tip too far back. Arms get in the way. A secretarial chair is much better suited to making jewelry. I believe that the way you “address” the bench is important. Not only for long term posture, but for maintaining control. Your bench pin, is the most important “tool” on your bench. Groove it, file it, saw notches etc. Sit erect, use your bench pin. Maintaining control of what your working on is in my opinion, critical for professional results.


Here is my Diamond Setting bench, somewhat ‘staged’ and cleaned for now!
It will tomorrow, be completely turned into a ‘video-filming bench’ for my
new batch of video’s! I will (again) show you all how a little bench can be
turned into something so very interesting!

Gerry Lewy


This looks great!! Do you have a vent/fan for the torch area? That has been keeping me back from
setting up the torch in my small space.


Here is the “film-area” on my ‘converted’ setting bench! It’s no
"Spielberg" studio, but it still works! From this little bench, I’ve then
created 55 video’s that are now in the archives on Orchid/
From here, I am going to film another 25 or more video’s. On more
photographs, I’ll show you different tripod-positions! I’m trying to film
at least 3-4 video’s a week. No easy task, then I do my own editing, too

Gerry Lewy


Yes, the chair is temporary, borrowed from my computer desk.


The square black thing is an inexpensive fume extractor.


Although working while in front of the video-camera is almost difficult. I’m actually viewing the ‘action’ though the camera-viewfinder, not at my items! This particular topic is called “Setting Gemstone in Wax”, hence my full layout of wax castings. It is here, I must literally ‘wrap’ my hands around the whole camera body. If I’m not happy with any ‘sequence’, then I will delete & redo each set of filming.