Nikon coolpix - Digital camera

Here are some websites that those thinking about buying digital
cameras may find useful. is a very useful site when looking for and
links on anything. Here is its digital camera menu. One of the most useful sites I’ve found, with up
to date reviews, sample pictures, side by side comparison, forums and
lots of great info. Another very useful site. Great site, has a section where you
can compare pictures from different cameras. Listings of current great
deals on cameras and equipment. Another good site with
lots of and pictures. A monthly webmagazine. You can
submit pictures to the site.

ShortCourses-The On-line Library of Digital Photography Good resource, also publishes
handbooks on most digital camera models. I have one for my Nikon 990
and it is great.

When you’ve decided what camera to buy, here is one site where you
can compare prices from different dealers.

ir.lis t-11264

Good luck.
Jima Abbott
– Jima & Carlie Abbott