Nikon Coolpix 4500 vs Nikon 5700

Hi Reba, The 5700 is a fantastic camera, if you can afford it I would
highly recommend buying it. ($1,100.00 retail) It works great with
the Cloud Dome. The 5700 is a more advanced camera with more bells
and whistles; the Nikon Coolpix 4500 is easier to use.

It really depends on your skill level and the time your have for
photography. A great source for manuals and how to buy cameras is

The 4500 is a 4 megapixel camera and the 5700 a 5 megapixels camera;
for me the $500 dollar difference is not worth the 1 megapixel gain.
I would much rather purchase the Cloud Dome, a lighting system,
Photoshop Elements ($99), or a trip to a warm climate.

I invented the Cloud Dome for an affordable solution for table top
photography. The way I look at it… you should never spend more
than $1,000 for a camera, Cloud Dome, lights and software for a
photography solution. Please call or email with any question,

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Dear Cindy: I’ve been in business for eight years working mostly in
dichroic glass. After paying the price of a professional
photographer for some awesome photos, slides 'n a CD, it was
recommended that I purchase a Nikon 65 w/ a macral lense. To date
my photos are only fair. Lighting is crucial w/ dichroic glass. If
I purchase the Cloud Dome will that help the quality of my photos?
My goal is to have an area set up to take photos at any time. I was
advised that I can get a much better clarity w/ the 35mm vs the
digital. Thanks in advance, Audie’s Images; Pueblo West, CO

Having a retail store, we take a lot of digital pictures . I have
recently tried all the new Nikon 4500 & Digital 6000 with
interchangeable lenses. I currently use a Nikon Coolpix 990. I, also
have a Nikon 995 that I thought would take better pictures. The Nikon
990 takes the best picture using the Gem Vision Image dome which uses
interchangeable Macro lenses in front of the Nikon 990 lenses. I have
five different camera set ups to take pictures of Jewelry (mostly
rings). The Image Dome system works the best with the Nikon 990 but I
am still looking for improvements.

Dan Dement Stone Oak Jewelers