Nikon Coolpix 4500, new thing

My camera shop says this is the sucessor to the 995 which has been
discontinued. Anyone have any experience taking jewelry or gemstone
photos with this camera?

I just bought the Coolpix 5700. I wonder how they differ? I’ve been
getting phenomenal images with this camera, but I’m still struggling
with proper lighting. That’s not a failing of the camera, of course,
but a failing in my skills as a photographer.

Pam East
Enamel Bead Making Made Easy!

Richard, If you are looking at a new camera look at the Nikon 5700 it
is an amazing camera and it is really the step up from the 995 . The
450o is aimed more at the snap shot consumer crowd. The 5700 is at
least as good as my Pentax Z-50 for abitlity to control exposure
settings I am very pleased with the 5700.


The Nikon Series of digital cameras are excellent for close up
photography and very easy use. We have used the Coolpix 990 model
for a few years now. I strongly recommend them.

Good luck-
James Gervais
Crafford-LaserStar Technologies

I just bought one last month and have had a great deal of success
although I am still learning. What sold me was the image of a dime
used to demo in the store. Also, the store (Houston Camera in
Houston Texas, no affiliation) I used has the reputation of being
very honest and they recommended it. The price was also reasonable,
approximately $350 plus all the extras.

I am still learning, especially the downloading to the computer and
manipulating the image from there. They also recommended the type
of light–ordinary desk lamps with white light bulbs and I am
designing and experimenting with covers.

So far, I have taken several experimental shots including one I will
post on Orchid shortly requesting bids for repair. This piece is an
antique and is well beyond my expertise but the pictures picked up
all the intricate filigree detail of the Victorian pieces.

Nancy Logan