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Nikon 950 digital camera hook up for loaded computers

I recently wanted to hook up my nikon 950 digital camera to my
computer at work, however, I no longer had a serial port(RS232)
available to use… Too much stuff hooked up to this monster. So I
went to the computer store and bought a Belkin USB multiport hub for
about $100…This adds 1 serial port, 1 printer port and 3 USB ports
to any computer that has a USB connection. The installation was
simple( about 3 minutes). I hooked up the camera to the RS 232
connector and did not have to reconfigure anything in the
computer…when I clicked on the Nikon view folder,the camera began
downloading the pictures I had taken . The system works quite well
and has given me the ability to add a lot more devices to my
computer. I would recomend this Belkin USB adapter to anyone who does
not have an extra printer port,Serial port or extra USB ports I
figured this info might become handy for those who have overloaded
gadgets onto their poor computers. Hope this helps someone out. Daniel