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Nifty Jewellers' Web Page maker!


How bout action images(Jpeg??? or GIF)


At 09:36 AM 11/12/96 PST, you wrote:

GNNpress have a useful shareware web-page creator with WYSIWYG (What You
See Is What You Get) which I am currently
putting through its paces. For those new to web page design, this is real
easy stuff. You start with a blank page and can type in text,
insert images using the toolbar etc., all without having a clue what HTML
is all about! What you see on the page is very close to
what your webpage will appear like when viewed with a popular browser. The

Company blurb (edited) :GNNpress is available for all popular platforms
– Windows, Macintosh, and Unix.
GNNpress combines a Web browser with a full-featured Web authoring tool
allowing browse and edit in the same window!
It allows authors to easily work with their pages directly on the Web – no
more cumbersome ftp’ing. Just click Open and you’re
working with the server’s files. Just click Save to save your work,
directly on the server! Create image maps, database interaction,