Niemann Marcus Catalog

Hi Neimann marcus is ordering jewelry from me for their christmas
catalog, through a showroom that i am in,It’s about $15,000
dollars worth of handmade cuffs that’ll take me about 2 months to
make. I can’t do all the work and then allow payment upon delivery,
is a 30-50% deposit ever granted in a case like this.

  1. Is it a cut and dry situation on their end as far as payment

  2. do i have to give in to their terms if i want the order or not,
    or do i become flexible with payment(of course there will be a P.O.
    in the showroom)?

  3. not that it matters, but they did spend considerable time
    choosing 3 styles out of 60 for a production run, would they drop
    me like that if i needed 1/3deposit and a cod for the rest,does
    that happen? odd thing(of course, not odd at all) that they are trying for
is to get one piece from a 3 bangle set, for the set price, per
piece(which is 15% lower) rather than pay the singles price. (60

thank you now,

  1. You are taking the risk, you set the payment plan. They aren’t
    doing you a favor, if you can’t afford the risk.

  2. Ask for 50% up front. Unless you are a large manufacturer, and
    can afford to effortlessly bankroll “Needless Markup” , or anyone
    else for that matter.

  3. Don’t work from the greed factor. Would you give them all of
    these terms if they were asking for 5 bracelets? Do you give your
    other stores that have supported you for years through thick and thin
    the same terms? Why not?

  4. Read their terms carefully, including shipping requirements. Some
    large chains have reams of requirements, and have hidden or not so
    hidden clauses such as " charge backs", wherein they charge you for
    not adhering to their requirements. there is the potential to lose
    your shirt on that clause.

  5. Ask what happens if the ordered items do not sell. Have them put
    it in writing. Are you then obligated to take them back?

  6. Don’t sign anything longer than one page without legal advice.

Sometimes a great opportunity, is only a great opportunity for a
large well funded store to take advantage of a small supplier.
Sometimes it actually is a genuinely great opportunity. Wiegh all of
the pros and cons before jumping.

P. S. : After asking myself all of those same questions and
answering them, I have not yet convinced myself that selling to large
chain stores is worth the risk for me. I do know several artists
however, that have been quite sucessful selling only to chain

Congratulations on the offer, and good luck in your decision.

Lisa, ( garden is now bursting with produce. I almost adopted a wild
mustang colt today. Happy summer solstice everyone. ), Topanga, CA, USA