Nickel silver reactions and uses

I am using metal labeled nickel silver. However, I don’t know the
alloy content ratio. Does the amount of other metals impact the
pieces? And if so, in what way? In deciding which metal best matches
the piece, this info could help. Also with other metal alloys.

thx, brenda

Brenda, if you order your metal from a catalog, it usually lists the
alloy content. Rio Grande sells CDA Alloy #752, which is 65% copper,
17% zinc, and 18% nickel, and of course contains no silver
whatsoever. However, it has a decent silver color which, in my
experience, improves with hard wear, even though it will never have
that wonderful glow which sterling has. Silver solders work well
with it, and it reticulates nicely. It is intrinsically stiffer than
brass or copper, i.e., no amount of annealing will ever make nickel
silver as soft as copper.

Have fun with it!
Judy Bjorkman