Nickel and palladium free white gold

Hi, Does anyone can tell me the alloys used to do this new nickel
and palladium free white gold? Can we use it in normal crucibles
and casting systems? Can we compare it with palladium white gold
alloys in hardeness especially for stone setters?

Guy Audette
Quebec city

Guy- Contact Hoover & Strong. Tel: 1.800.759.9997. Request their
catalog. Within it is a thorough listing of all their alloyed
metals. Two of which are Nickel-free, Palladium white golds. 14 &
18kt. With melting temperatures, hardnesses, crucible temperatures,
etc.,etc. I personally use the 18kt white as it’s softer and has a
lower melting temperature. Great stuff. The best metal to pave with,
besides Platinum of course.

Good Luck.

Are you referring to a white gold alloy that contains NEITHER
palladium NOR nickel? If so, the element in question is likely
manganese. Precious Metals West offers such a white gold alloy. I
understand it takes some pretty delicate handling to make it work
successfully. For more on this particular alloy, I
suggest contacting Daniel Ballard from PM West 1-800-999-7528, web

For more on white gold alloys of all types, AJM ran an article on
this subject in March 2002 by Stewart Grice, mill products director
for Hoover & Strong. You can get a copy of the article by calling
800-444-MJSA or visiting the web site at
There is a charge for copies for non-MJSA members.

Hope that helps!
Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
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