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Nickel Allergy

Hi Folks,

Just a word of caution from your Orchid dental tech.
Nickel-chrome dental alloys are used extensively throughout
dentistry pretty much world wide. They are used in solid metal
(all-cast) restorations, and especially in crowns and bridges
that are veneered with dental ceramics. Please ask your dentist
what constituent metals are in the restoration you will be
getting. By law he has to tell you. When he writes his RX,to the
lab, they must use the metal he chooses. Tell him that you
don’t want nickel-chrome alloy. There are low
gold-palladium/silver alloys that are pretty good. Their
strength and rigidity makes them well suited to long spans and
"tiny" teeth. There is a 12kt. gold/palladium alloy that has
the same uses as the above alloy but doesn’t have the
attendant grain boundary problems of the previous alloy. The
last group of alloys are the 80%+ gold alloys. These are the
best in most instances. My favorite is 87% gold and 7% platinum
the remainder of the alloy is silver free. I hope this helps.


Skip Meister