Nice to meetcha!

Greetings Orchidians;

Just got back from the conference that Bradney Simon put together in
Bufallo NY. Nice little conference. I didn’t get to the whole thing,
and I wish I had because the price looked like a bargain. Just
couldn’t get away this year. While I was there, by the way, I
finally got to meet our friend and fellow poster, Gerry Lewy. Gotta
tell ya, I had expected him to be a fine fellow and was not
dissapointed in the least. Gerry is generous to a fault and
abundantly charming. It was truly a pleasure to meet him, and to see
folks like Howard of R. Findings, and meet many other fine people in
our industry. My thanks to Bradney for putting this together. Boy, I
really need to get out more, it was such fun.

David L. Huffman

Howdy Orchidians, EH!

I paid David Hoffman loads of money to say such nice things about
me, money well spent…:>) All seriously, David is a fun guy too. Its
great to meet some of our peers in person, and it was a treat to be
among some of the brainy and knowledgable folks again. We live in our
our own little universes and never get out of our proverbial ‘box’.

My 2 seminars were a little ‘eye-opener’ on a different aspect of
setting, called Art Deco “Cut-Down”. This style of setting is where
you can easily set multi-sized diamonds all together in a row and not
be bothered by their different sizes. Here you can still "Bright-Cut"
and not refer to the strip cutting that is usually seen.

This 8 page article ‘might’ be in Brad’s “Bench” magazine in the
near future, when??? So I am now going to burn it into a CD for easy
mailing for those who wish to read this innovative style. It is full
of pictures and is a very detailed during the setting process. My
feeling is that if noted painter Salvidor Dali has this style in one
of his gold creations called the “Eye”, why not explain how its
actually done, right?..Gerry! (the travelling setter!)

Hi all…its me again!

To further yesterday’s little posting, just had a telephone call
from one of Canda’s newer leading trade magazine. They are very
interested in printing this 7 page essay, I just wrote on "Cut-Down"
diamond setting.

My attitude is, if it’s sitting there on the proverbial back-burner
and getting forgotten, it only takes one person to promote it again.
If and when my time is up, it might for sure get lost, G-d forbid! So
I am out now trying to re-establish this back into the main-stream of
jewellery and setting techniques.

For my Canadian Orchidians, this magazine is called “Jewellery
Business” out of Richmond Hill, Ontario…only 5 minutes away from my
home-shop. For those who have not yet received my original setting
notes this CD will be enclosed as well. If you want a copy of this
CD, let me know. Any payment you wish, can be made directly to
Orchid…Gerry, author-setter-teacher!..:>)