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Neytech spare parts

For better or worse, I have been using Neycraft equipment for years;
casting, burnout and so forth.

I find that I am in need of some spare parts and I cannot find their
website. Before you suggest or; go there.
Google it? I’ve tried all the easy, if not time consuming stuff.

Supposedly, they are owned by Ceramco ( but
it’s a closely guarded secret if that is the case.

So, really; where in the world wide web are these guys? (or did I
completely miss news of their demise?)

Hi there,

I just went through this at Cal. College of the Arts. You are right
when you say Neycraft no longer exists-it was acquired by a dental
company, whose name escapes me. Good news is that they still make
Neycraft products. In our case we needed a special rubber bumper part
& had the same problem of re-ordering on our own. I finally had some
success at Otto Frei Co. in Oakland Ca. The phone # is 1-800-772-3456
and the Dept. you want is “Tools”. Talk with Warren, who does a lot
of repairs on equipment. The other person to talk with is Walter
Matlock, who heads up this dept. and is very knowledgeable and has
been with this company for quite awhile. He had to help with another
major part that got ruined,by accident, and had to be replaced…

Take care & good luck !!!
Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan

I get my Neycraft parts from Gesswein, although I would think any
Neycraft distributor should be able to help you out.



just google ‘neytech calimesa’ and dial the number.


They are known as Neytech a division of Ceramco which is a division
of Dentsply. Their address is: DENTSPLY Ceramco, 570 West College
Avenue, York, PA 17404 USA, Phone: 800-487-0100.

Supposedly, they are owned by Ceramco ( but
it's a closely guarded secret if that is the case. 

They are. Click on Products on the left, and then on Neycraft on the
left. Contact them to see if parts are available.

John Fetvedt

Bob, I would suggest that you contact Rio Grande as they carry
Neycraft. Perhaps they can help you in getting the parts you need.



NeyTech or NeyCraft is now Dentsply. Here is the site:

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.