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Neycraft; sticky button

Hi Gail,

Years ago I melted my guage, the kiln was on a shelf too close
to where I was melting my shot (oops). I ordered the whole guage,
its seems to me that it cost about $60.00 from Gesswein. For the
cover maybe you could glue together some thin plexiglass if you
are unable to order just the cover.

I am having a weird thing happening with one of my neycraft
kilns. The little button that you push to open the door it is
melting and running down the side of the door, it remains sticky
even when the kiln is cool. I use a computer to control the
burnout cycle overnight and I am sure it doesn’t exceed 1350 F.
The door seems to close tightly. And I have a twin kiln right
next to it without a melty (is that a word?) button. Every time I
touch it it reminds me of a tootsie roll that has been sitting
out in the sun. Whats up with that?

Mark P.

Hi Mark, I use quite a bit of Ney equipment and gold/metal in
dentistry. I believe that their dental ovens are longer lasting
and better made than the jewelry models. That ‘sticky’ button
might have come in contact with some sort of solvent. I have
one in the lab that would do it. Anyway, the phone number for
the Ney electronics division, now a subsidiary of the German
firm Degussa as is all of Ney, is 800-835-6639. This is the
Ney-Barkmeyer Division in California.