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Neycraft Furnace Question

Hello to All

I just replaced my old satillite oven with a Neycraft JFF-200 oven. I use a Paragon thermominder. I am wondering how others have installed their thermo couple as I see no ports except exhaust vent?


Franz, I have a very old version of this same kiln. It had been repaired by one or more previous owners (and myself multiple times), but there is only one thermocouple hole in the liner. When looking at the machine, my thermocouple is in the upper left corner. To get to the thermocouple you need to remove the front cover/door assembly and gently slide the liner out. Also, on mine I can see the top of the thermocouple through the vents near the top left corner. Good luck, Craig

Thanks Craig. I do see the thermocouple for the oven as you stated. I was looking to add a second thermocouple from my Paragon oven controller. With my old oven the heating elements where exposed so I was able to drill a hole through the case and fire brick in the back of oven. My fix there was to suspend Paragon thermocouple in top vent hole about 3’’ inside oven chamber. I just did a burn out and both pyrometers temp paired exactly and my 1300 cone was well fired.

I am wondering what repairs you had to do to your oven?


Franz, I’ve had to repair wiring/connections twice on my kiln. Also, my thermocouple died. I decided to build a controller for it from some plans I found on the internet. It worked great until I transferred it from a breadboard to permanent boards. Somehow I introduced a bug. I’ve looked at it a couple times but haven’t found the problem yet - and it’s slow, tedious work. I’ve been using a K-type portable thermocouple for now and also as a comparison point when testing the controller. Bottom line is that I think you made a smart decision to use your Paragon controller. I’ve spent a lot of hours on the controller that could have been spent making jewelry. Best, Craig

perhaps a current limitation of the thin copper board

Mark, that’s a great point and one I hadn’t considered. I’m running multiple components, including the thermocouple board, off the +/- rails of one board. I’ll try running power to the thermocouple board straight out of the power converter. Appreciate the suggestion.

Hey Craig I hope you can workout your controller issues. I don’t think I would even attempt to DIY a controller. I am on my 4th oven and like to use a stand alone controller as the ovens life span is about 3 to one to the controller. Here is a pic of my current setup. I will make a more permanent bracket to secure the Paragon thermocouple. On my old oven I had also installed a fish air pump that had a stainless steel line running under flaskes but never found this was an aid in casting the 3D printer resins that I use.IMG_2941