Neycraft Counterweight

For anyone dealing with neycraft counterweights flying out while casting! I was dealing with this problem for a long time until I finally figured out what was going wrong. The slots are designed for the counterweight to go in at an angle. Sounds and looked great in theory but i realized its fatal flaw when looking back at the slow mo footage. When the weight is put in at a forward angle (just like the slots are designed) it doesn’t have anything constantly behind it to stop it from shifting as the centrifugal forces are being applied to it. When the centrifuge is released. It flings the weight backwards before hitting the metal behind it causing it to dislodge completely from the slot.

Instead of putting the weight at the slotted angle. Angle it as close to vertical as possible and its back side should be touching the metal of the slot. There shouldn’t be any play when pressing it since itll be against the metal. The forces will push the weight against the metal rather than it pushing the weight with nothing supporting its backside.

The first pic shows what no to do. Examine the angle of the weight.

The second pic shows the outcome of that angle

The third is the correct position. Weight snugly against the back of the slot