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Neycraft centrifugal casting machine

A question, if I may. I bought a used Neycraft centrifugal casting
machine but it did not have a counter weight. Could you possibly
tell me how much it weighs?

Thanks a bunch
Brian Shafer
Chris Denayer wrote:

Starch, just in case you were thinking to make your own
counter-weight, Don’t ! An improperly fitting weight in the slots
would be a serious hazard when spinning and do a lot of damage to you
or your property. Please contact the manufacturer for a replacement
weight and be safe.



Did you ever consider contacting NeyCraft, I would think that they
would be your best bet to any questions that you may have regarding
their machine.

And maybe, if you need some balance weights, you could purchase them
from NeyCraft.

Just a thought!
Sincerely, Richard Lucas