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Hi Everyone,

I have a client who I have been working with, designing and building
prototypes. He has an idea and a patent pending for a type of

We have reached a point in our relationship where we–he-- needs to
move to the next step, which is a combination of mass production,
marketing and further prototyping.

In order to populate a website with images representative of what
is/will be available, at least some actual pieces (aside from the
prototypes already produced), have to be made. In order to make those
prototypes, the type of manufacture and how they will be produced has
to be understood: Die striking? Casting? Casting and then

I can continue to make one-offs (which may be part of the marketing
strategy) but that is too costly and only one side of how he
envisions his business.

In any case, I see my role as now finding the proper people to get
him to his next step-- to begin putting the whole thing
together…So I am reaching out in a variety of places, Orchid
being one.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
Take care,

Hi Andy

I have helped folks do many of the things you are asking about.

I am also very protective of my clients IP and trade secrets.

I am happy to help if I can.

Sam Brown

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I remembered this post from last year, but see there was only one
reply post to it. So, I was wondering, did anyone have other
suggestions for manufacturing jewelers? I have had seen work done by
Four Decades, in Portland, Oregon, and it has been well done, but am
interested in finding out about others that Orchid members have used,
or recommend.