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Next Foredom handpiece?

I’m interested in adding another handpiece for my flexshaft to the standard #30. Just something for stonesetting and general jewelry work that is a little less clunky and easier to use than the #30. I’m considering the H20 and the H10 (faro style) handpieces, but I’d consider something else if there were good reason. What do the experts recommend?
thx, royjohn

I was recently faced with the same dilemma. I really like the H10 (without the spring) and used it wore to the point that it couldn’t be fixed. That being said, when it came time to replace it, I went with a micro motor instead. My old hand piece is still good enough to polish and grind and that sort of thing it just lets go of the bur if there is any tension. I also have used and really like the H28 but I don’t like that it’s not quickchange.

Instead of replacing my hand piece, though, for not too much more I got a refurbished micromotor and I absolutely love it. I love my Foredom, but nothing beats the micromotor for setting stones, in my opinion. Also it has cruise control. My only problem with the micromotor was, for the first week or so, overcoming the impulse to drop it to the side…that’s a good way to ruin a hand piece. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using my micro-motors for literally years. So easy to transport
for “on the road teaching”. I now have two to go!!
I have my back-up #30 for ring cleaning. My ‘micro" is for setting only,
no heavy weight in my hand from the long heavy cable & not too mention the
’ease of movement’ while using the burs.

*Gerry Lewy. *
Toronto, Ontario.

I bought an H20 when my H10 started having problems. My H10 is being factory rebuilt. The rebuild is about half of retail - about the same as the H20. I don’t set but I will keep the H10 as backup and continue to use RGA H20 as the daily workhorse. I’m quite pleased with how good it is. I use it daily and in some ways I like it better than the H10 - the release lever for one. I do have the duplex spring on both and if your motor is at right height, they aren’t a problem at all. Unless I planned on a lot of setting get the H20. As a replacement for a
#30 you will wonder why you waited so long!:

Hi, which brand Micromotor did you get? thanks, Vince LaRochelle

Not sure to whom your question was to, but my favourite micromotor is
named “Champion”. Model: Marathon #9 made by "Meta Dental Corporation, USA.
I find many of my students were buying them! Wouldn’t buy anything else.
If these were USA made, I’d buy on sight. “Made in China? Thanks, but no
thanks!” (I always look for country of origin.)

*Gerry Lewy. *
Toronto, Ontario.

I use Technique Swiss quick change handpiece on 2 Ottoflex shafts. Keep anotgher #30 for any mandrels not 3/32" Use micromottor for setting.


If you really want to know about handpieces buy as soon as you can “Master the Jewelry Flex Shaft” DVD by Andy Cooperman…it is 203 minutes of the most informative DVD I have ever owned. It is a graduate study in Flex Shaft. WOW it has helped me so much…I did buy the H20 thanks to his advice. I could not be happier.



Hi All which of the micromotor setting handpieces are the best? Thanks,
Vince LaRochelle

Hi All I meant which micromotor hammer handpiece is the best? Sorry,
Vince LaRochelle

Mark the Lurker here. I feel compelled to weigh in. Maestro Cooperman knows all. I own 3 of the original
Swedish-made TechnoX handpieces. Wouldn’t trade 'em for anything. Wouldn’t use the Swiss-promoted
unit if you paid me. I have found the H20 to be an economical substitute. Hardy enough for sustained work,
delicate enough in the hand. Charles Stewart in NYC does a dandy job of handpiece maintenance and
repair at a reasonable price. And occasionally has recon’d TechnoX units…718-339-2640 (unpaid endorsement)

Vince, I have a Marathon n7, I have had it for over 10 years. No problems.
They have them on EBay, about $125.
I had a retail store, custom and repair, I used it every day.
Very smooth and quiet running!