New Zealand jewelers

Hi all,

There’s a huge possibility that my husband and I will be moving to
New Zealand this fall.

I have a small jewelry company based in the states and am trying to
decide to keep my assistant in the states to prep and ship orders,
or to bring the whole shabang down to New Zealand (Auckland to be

My line is entirely cast, so I’d need to find a production caster,
as well as a bench worker for soldering and flush setting.

I’m curious if it’s even possible to do all that I need to do in New
Zealand and then ship to the states.

Does anyone have any sources they are wiling to share for casting,
soldering, setting, polishing? I currently live in Los Angeles so my
sources are easily found and highly competitive. I’m thinking in a
smaller city this won’t necessarily be the case.

If anyone has any helpful info for me, I’d be really appreciative.

I am really toying with the idea of keeping my assistant on here in
the states and having her do all the production, but my business is
so up and down, busy times, slow times, it’s going to be hard for me
to guage how much I"ll need her and impossible for me to help in
during the busy times.

Thanks a bunch,


My names MacKINNON, most just call me Mac. I’m down here in NZ and
have been in the trade on the manufacturing side for almost twenty
years. Lived and worked in Auckland for 10 years then moved back to
my home town of New Plymouth. Now I way out in the country. I’m a
diamond and coloured stone cutter, so I can work just about
everywhere. I deal with almost everyone in the Jewellery trade here
so what do you need to know ?

Casting ?

several casting outfits here of differing qualities. Freight into NZ
from the States is 1/4 the price of freight out.


There are a lot of good jewellers here but like everywhere in the
western world, finding competent people under the age a 25 can be a
bit difficult. I have several customer who export to the US and a few
who export to the UK. They range from Gallery style, commercial mid
to low range goods right up to top line $500K+ per piece workshops.

Anyway. Anything you need to know from Tax to materials, freight to
labour, just drop me line.

Regards, Mac

Hello Amery ! Im sorry, but Im probably not going to be much help,
Im down in Nelson, but I know there are many jewellers here, so Im
sure you will find people to do your work. Our economy got through
the reccession much better than the US, but this is a very small
market, so dont expect huge sales here - though Australia is very
close and easy to get to. Any help I can give, just get in touch -
just note Im only an amateur !

Philip in Nelson

Hi Mac,

One of my fantasy trips will be to NZ & Australia for 6 months to a
year. I would love to intern for a month or two with jewelers in
different areas of the country. Say…1/2 time free labor in
exchange for a bed, some teaching and some tourist directions! Right
now I don’t know what I would do with my cats. Think this is doable?

ps: your e-mail didn’t work for a response just to you.

Esta Jo Schifter