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New York Jewelry Attrcations

I already poste this but since I had no answer I will try again.

For my first time I will be visiting New York and I would like to
have suggestions on what to see with a jeweller/metal artist
prospective. In the same time all suggestions about tools and gems
supply are wellcome.



For jewelry galleries, there is Fragments at 997 Madison Avenue. By
itself, you wouldn’t see a lot of technically challenging metal
work, but it is very close to the Metropolitan. It is a nice side
trip to the museum.

There is also The Clay Pot. ( This is in Brooklyn,
though. I’m not one to be good with figuring how long it takes to get
from one place to another in New York, but you didn’t say where you
were staying. This is a gallery I would love to visit myself some
time in the near future.

There is Aaron Faber Gallery (666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan). They
have a couple interesting shows coming up. I don’t know when you are
going to be there, but their website is

SOFA New York is coming up in the first couple days of June. Go to and click on the SOFA New York link.

For tools and stones…There is Metalliferous. I hesitate to
recommend if you are looking for a friendly place to browse and talk
shop though. I normally would not write anything negative about
anyone, but if your time is limited, it may be more fun to go other

For stones, I always recommend Dikra ( I just like
unusual agates and things and the people there are just plain nice.

Have a great trip!
Kim Starbard

Roberto - I replied, perhaps you missed it.

There are loads - but for sure check out:

Metropolitan Museum of Art - American Wing
Forbes Galleries
Neue Gallery

On the commercial side: The whole Diamond District - 46 - 48th
streets between 5 and 6th avenues

Harry Winston
H. Stern


Dear Roberto_ Sorry none of us New Yorkers responded to your
request. It is a wonderful place to visit and look for and at
jewelry. Here are just a few places that are familiar to me and easy
to reach. Maybe others will fill in with additional places.

First of all 47th Street in Manhattan, between 5th and 6th Avenues
is the wholesale Jewelry (or Diamond) District. The entire block,
both sides, as well as on Sixth Avenue, aka The Avenue of The
Americas–are lined with high end jewelry shops, windows laden with
more gold, platinum and diamond jewelry than you can imagine. Many of
the shops have malls inside, and contain vendors of finished jewelry
as well as suppliers of findings, tools, etc.

At 25 west 47 Street, you’ll find Myron Toback at the back of a mall
type store. They have findings, metal, wire etc etc. Lots of goodies.

One block away on 46 Street are two Suppliers of tools and
everything else you might need.

46 WEST 46 STREET (between 5th and 6th Avenues). Wonderful little
shop owned by one of our own Orchid people. Lots of tools, supplies,
packaging etc. with excellent prices.

34 West 46 Street (a few doors toward 5th Avenue) METALIFFEROUS.2nd
floor, you have to look up for the sign. Always crowded and busy, but
with lots of stuff, and a bead store next door on the same floor,


56 West 45 Street is DIKRA. in case you want
to check them out first. They are in a hi rise building, but I am not
sure of the floor. There is usually a directory in the lobby.

In case you are not familiar with NY, Manhattan is laid out in a
grid, with Fifth Avenue the north-south median street, the West side
streets going toward the Hudson River, the eastside streets toward
the East River. Except for downtown, the streets go in ascending
order from South to North. A good street map will make life really
easy for you.

I hope this helps to get you started. Welcome to NY and I hope you
have a wonderful time.

Sandra Buchholz
Elegant Insects Jewelry

For the sheer gawking value, I recommend a walk up Madison Avenue
from 60th Street northward, to see a variety of jewelry shops at
street level. These include the best of the best as far as gems are
concerned but also high end commercial design as well as a surprising
sprinkling of interesting design.

I would be happy to email a story I did about this a couple of years
ago in New York Diamonds magazine. Please write to me directly.

Ettagale Blauer

Don’t forget the “Gold” exhibit at the American Museum of Natural
History. It runs through August 19th.

There is over one ton of gold in this exhibit.

Joel Schwalb

I am hesitant to recommend the “back office” of the jewelry world to
a gentleman coming from Italy. 47th is really filled with production
pieces and the increasing number of empty booths attest to the hard
fought battle going on between import production and here. With very
few exceptions, all the pieces look alike.

However, I echo the fact that Dikra and Metaliferous are highly
recommended and add a gentleman named Gershon at Citra (on 5th
Avenue) for precious stones to the list. (Let me know if you want the
specific addresses for these three places and I will email them to

For a glimpse of the higher end side of jewelry: midtown puts you
right in the heart of it. I would recommend Cartier’s new store and
H. Stern. (Harry Winston if you feel inclined to see just how insane
it can get.) Three stores that carry interesting pieces are Barneys,
Bergdorf Goodman and Bonwit Teller. Bergdorf (and Bulgari, by the
way) is on the corner of 57th and 5th; head east to Bonwit Teller on
57th between 5th and Madison. Leaving Bonwit Teller as the last one
gets you heading towards Madison which is always wonderfully elegant
and brings you to Barneys on Madison between 60th & 61st Streets. If
you feel inclined, head north up to 81st Street and over one block
(back to 5th Avenue) to the Metropolitan Museum. Note: I wouldn’t
recommend Tiffany because their pieces are not that interesting and
they have traded quality for quantity - - street row of 47th gets you
the same quality at 1/3 of the price. However, you will pass right by
it on the corner of 57th and 5th - caddy corner from Bergdorf; next
to Bonwit Teller.

Upscale department stores (if interested): Saks Fifth Avenue and
Bloomingdales - - a NYC institution.

The Museum of Natural History has a wonderful ambiance - - not
unlike stumbling into a great-uncle’s collection of oddities; the
building is interesting and the gold exhibit is well worth viewing.
Many a child raised in NYC spent numerous field trips going to this
museum, so there is a soft spot in every native NYer’s heart for this
museum. I always find this museum an interesting commentary on the
"expedition" mind-set in the 1800’s.

If you want to see the “funky” side, head down to West Broadway (via
taxi) and you will find some upscale boutiques. Heading downtown will
also give you a sense of what NYC used to be like - - filled with
small mom and pop stores. For the most part, uptown has become one
large outdoor mall.

Meanwhile, the city is filled with interesting architecture and
while St Patrick’s on 5th is nice, Saint John The Divine is much more
interesting. It is the largest gothic cathedral in the world; still
being worked on and, in my humble opinion, represents a very
interesting approach to religion in this day and age of separatism.
you choose to go to St. John, go there first and then take a taxi
south to the Museum of Natural History. If you ride along Central
Park West, you will see some of the most expensive real estate in NYC

    • the mirror image of the residential pre-war properties on 5th
      Avenue. (Not jewelry related, but all unique to NYC.) You will pass
      right by St. Patricks on 5th between 50th & 51st Streets when you are
      in mid-town.

I don’t know how much time you want to spend at each site, nor how
long you will be in the city for - - but getting from the West to the
East side of Manhattan (i.e., from Met to AMNH or vice versa) can be
accomplished by strolling through Central Park.

NYC is laid out in a grid (until you get to Wall Street - - another
interesting trip, but not jewelry oriented - - unless you count the
salaries that support some of the prices you will see on 5th Avenue)
so, it is a very easy city to navigate. Pick up a map and you will
see the most logical sequences for your trip based on the
recommendations emailed to you.

I hope you have a wonderful visit,


I was going to ask the question about New York jewellery attractions
but Roberto has saved me the trouble. I am so excited at having 3
days in New York at the end of September and wonder if anyone can
recommend some reasonable but cheap accommodation near the “diamond

Cheers, Renate


I think I remember seeing a Super 8 on W. 46th St. between 5th and
6th (Madison?) Aves. Rates were good, as I remember, in comparison to
some in NYC. Be sure to meander into Aaron Faber Gallery: W. 53rd
about 40 ft. west of 5th Ave. on so. side of street. It’s right near
the 53rd st. subway stn. Drool! And Takashimaya department store on
5th between 54th/55th…jewelry gallery is on the 3rd floor. Just in
case you needed a few more things to do.

Kay Taylor

I thought I posted this yesterday but it didn’t appear… Here is a
place in nyc I stayed a few years ago, you can get a room with bath
or for a bit less shared bath in corrider. It was clean and near a
good subway line or you could walk north to jewelry district. They
were full last year when I tried to book but they did suggest a few
other places in the same range.-