New York Gift show

I recently attended the New York Gift show where I observed the

1.There was a lot of beautiful things for sale, but as a buyer I am
turned off by overly pressuring sales people who make me want to run
from their stands. The show is so large that you can’t spend a lot of
time at each stand. When I ask if you carry a particular item that I
am searching for, don’t try selling me everything else, if you don’t
have it say I am sorry we don’t carry what you are looking for. Don’t
waste my time and yours.

  1. Sellers who are not friendly enough, mostly Asians who need to
    learn that in this country, you needn’t be so laid back. I had
    trouble getting any out of some of them. They need to
    learn to be more warm and friendly if they want to sell to Americans.
    While the language barrier may be a major problem for them a smile
    goes a long way. If you are going to sell in a country other than
    your own, it would be wise to understand their business customs and
    try to adjust your selling technique. I don’t go to the middle east
    and not have to haggle for a price even though I hate it. When in
    Rome do as the Romans do.

  2. Salesman’s who don’t seem to know their product. Brochures that
    don’t have price sheets or not all the products are listed with price
    sheets. I wouldn’t buy from someone who is not very organized. It is
    an indication that they may screw up any order I may give them.

  3. The people that I placed orders with where warm and friendly, knew
    their product well, had good brochures, they where helpful but not

There were a lot of good things about this show that I would love to
see at gem show that I attend.

  1. They allow no children under 12 years of age and they have to pay
    $30.00 to be there. This eliminated all problems with strollers etc.
    This is not a place for children they get bored and parents don’t
    always watch them.

  2. There was good food available so we didn’t have to go out of the
    show to eat. Time is short.

  3. Buses that took you from one building to another and took you back
    to hotel and train station.

4… So much eye candy and so little time. All and all a wonderful
show. Thanks to all who did a great job putting this together.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone, I just wanted manufactures etc. to
know how they are received by buyer at shows. This applies to all
show, I find the same problems no matter what kind of show I may be
attending. It isn’t enough to have a great product if you have bad
sales techniques or manners people will by pass you for someone else.

Roxan in Pa.