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New York City shopping


As I do about 4 times a year, I got on the train yesterday and went
into NYC to buy supplies. I could order a lot of things through the
catalogs, but I like to see things and it’s usually nice to get out
for the day.

People were unusually nice and polite. Lots of thank you this and
please that. Lots of holding doors for one another. A man even went
through extra trouble to find me a seat on the train because I was
standing. It was nice.

I have one complaint and I wouldn’t say anything, but it is not the
first time (it is actually about the 5th)…If you are a woman and
you are shopping in the city, I completely understand that you would
like to be a “stand up guy” and be treated with respect. Hey, you
want to get all the respect that the men get when they buy things
because, after all, you’re a businesswoman. Totally understandable.

However, just because the person behind the counter does not speak
English very well does not make this person an idiot…it makes
this person a person who has come from another country. You would
garner much more respect from people if you gave a little teensy bit
of respect outwards.

Hey, you’re very talented, important, artistic…you’re a designer
and you’re a modern woman. We get it for cryin’ out loud.

It doesn’t take that much effort or that much extra time out of your
very important day to be polite, maybe even kind.

Just for the record, I don’t scream and belittle people to get a
discount, I get a discount by being a respectful, loyal
customer…and I get a discount every time.

Someone said to me in all seriousness yesterday that “if you are
going to survive in the city, you’ll need to grow a brass

Once in a while, I would like to see one of you actually reach up
and do something for yourself and by yourself…instead of always
expecting to be waited on hand and foot.

Kim Starbard