New York city jewelry attractions

Recommended New York City Jewelry Related Sites / Exhibits?

I will be visiting New York City for the first time in many years in
late February. I only have a few days there and already have some
plans for museum and gallery visits. I am a “newbie” to the world of
jewelry design and making, but a long admirer of beautiful art of
all kinds and a continuous learner.

I was hoping this group may be able to provide some suggestions for
’must see’ places to visit where I might admire beautiful jewelry
design while in NYC. I will be staying in Manhattan near theatre
district. I would also appreciate any ideas for neighbourhoods that
may have interesting shops and galleries that feature unique

Many thanks in advance!

Aaron Faber (666 Fifth Avenue, on West 53rd Street).
Museum of Art and Design (at Columbus Circle).
The Met for ancient jewels.
Julie; Artisan Gallery (762 Madison Ave. betw. 65th. St. - 66th.St.);
Primavera Gallery (210 11th Avenue, Floor 8)
Works Gallery, 1250 Madison Ave

Linda Kaye-Moses


Ariadne Galleries (Ariadne Galleries New York 11 East 76th Street)
and Antiquarium (948 Madison Avenue) both of which deal with ancient
artifacts, including jewels.

Linda Kaye-Moses


Thank you SO much for sharing your suggestions. I just had a moment
to look these places up and they are just what I was hoping for! As a
Canadian who hasn’t been to NYC for many, many years I wasn’t sure
where to start. I can’t wait to get there!

All the best!
Luminus By CW