New Year, New software options

I recently learned that Jewelry Design Manager (JDM) will no longer support its software after December 25, 2019. I hope Barbara is moving on to something fun. Meanwhile, that leaves a large void for me. She updated the software last week. I need to start investigating something similar to replace that wonderful product. Do any of you have recommendations of what works and what to shy away from?


Here is the link to final notice and instructions
Regards RLW

I’m in the same boat. I contacted Craftybase and they’re giving JDM users a 40% discount on 6 months, and they say there is a way to upload your exported data from JDM via Exel spreadsheet. Am pondering that option. Bead Manager Pro, the other alternative I was aware of, also seems to be defunct. Are there any other options for us, other than full blown ERP for jewelry stores?

There is now a Jewelry Design Manager Users Group on facebook that was established for mutual support and information sharing. They mention two other solutions for possible investigation: Craft Maker Pro (made by the people that brought you Bead Manager Pro) and Benchworks.

Thank you so much. I will check them out.

Hi, I downloaded and installed the last update when Barb sent out the notice. I tried to open it yesterday Dec 29 and it is defaulting to requiring verification of the user license. The web site is no longer active! Now I can’t get in and I just got it all input! When clicking the Go Offline button it is asks for a QlmLicenseFile.xml. Has anyone been able to get in since the 25th? If so where did you find the file?
Thanks, Deb

Thank you!

I’m am running JDM Premier Plus on Mac OS 10.14.6 and it is working for me. It never needed or asked me for the .xml file you are being asked for. Sorry to hear of your problems.

Is anyone else running Windows with Bejeweled Software? We have tried to find the Qlm License and are unable to find it. We are locked out.
Thanks, Deb

There is a Jewelry Design Manager User Group on Facebook that was created to try and help people get up and running again and participate in evaluated new software replacements. Someone in that group may be able to help you….

Thank David, we have applied and are just waiting for approval. I have also emailed Barbara, it hasn’t bounced back yet so I am hoping that she will reply.

We got in!!! YAY!! I downloaded Premier not Premier Plus which is why I couldn’t get in. Thanks for your help!

Inventory Software, check out Accountedge! Whoop Whoop!!! :slight_smile:

Loading with Craftybase on Windows. All working fine so far. Backloaded everything in stock with upload, same with all materials in stock. I have to upload customers manually. Still have questions on items in stock when they are auto repriced depending on recent purchases and how to do a few other things. Price is good with $15 per month on high end.