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Fri 05th June 1998

‘Turangawaewae’ (Identity) is the theme for this year’s Biennial Jewellery
Exhibition organised by the Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt, New Zealand to
tour NZ 1998/99. I’m one of a twenty or so New Zealand Jewellers selected
to exhibit. This is my response.

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    plus my wife: Ruth Baird’s New Work for the exhibition

  2. Self Portrait
    900 silver,
    birch ply,
    leather, CR39 lenses

  3. Moko To Tinkerbell
    Judges Bay, Auckland New Zealand, painting by Alfred Sharpe 1874 on a
    tincan NZ scene photo on a tincan pauashell chips in resin pure tin

  4. You Are What You Wear
    Dress-up Kitschsets
    tincan, auto paint, gold leaf

  5. LeopardTin Pillbox Specs
    painted tincan

  6. Intelligentzi-Arty
    stainless steel, auto paint

Ruth Baird Jewellery
Okay, due to popular demand, here’s Ruth’s response to the same
exhibition. Necklaces in the Form of a Wreath (left) 18k gold and 925
silver; (right) titanium and 925 silver


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