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New Work Bench


It features upper right a flex shaft holder for 3 units the top of
which has 3 screws to hang 3 saw frames from. A power system to
controll all 3 units from one foot pedal so no tangle of flex pedals
to look through if you drop a stone. 300W of cool florescent
lighting. Stainless bench top 1/8 " thick glued to a 3/4" thick
plywood bench top. Left side holder for 4 Benchmate products so as
to not waist drawer space. 2 Craftsman drawer cabinets with a total
of 12 steel low profile drawers that are 9" by12". Thats almost 9 sq
ft of drawer space. With 2 overbench shelves for plastic shoe boxes
full of supplies. The bench is surrounded on 3 sides with plywood to
catch any flying stones that try to escape our tweezers. Beside the
drawers are a row of tube holders. These will hold 6 assorted shape
bezel mandrels, 6 assorted shape ring mandrels, and 4 large tubes
for hammer handles. Each tube is 12 in deep. The bench drawer is 20"
deep x 24 " wide. It has a steel bottom ( that should be painted
flat black for eye strain and to make dropped stones stand out ).
All tray seams and benchtop seams are caulked to prevent small parts
and stones from wedging into cracks. The bench tray has 2 flip up or
store down foam padded are rests with replaceable pads ( 1/2 " hot
water pipe foam insulation ). The benchtop has a removable bur and
flexshaft bit holder for 120 items. The black 1/8" x 1 1/4 " ste=
on the mid left is plier rack that is over 30 in. long that should
hold any pliers you have. The plier rack is deep enough not to hang
up on pliers with springs inside their handels. Not pictured is a
assortment of 6 " long tubes attached to left wall for hold 6
different size saw blades with in easy reach and a calculater glued
to the wood above the 4 benchmate mounting plates on the lower left
side for quick benchtop calculations. The wood background above the
benchtop is also great for hanging charts and conversion tables. A
benchmate mounting back plate is in place for your benchmate
products as well a securely mounted third hand that swivels down
out of the way when not in use. I hate waisting time looking for
lost diamonds and tried to design the bench to help contain flying
stones above and below the benchtop. I store stuff on the 2 shelves
in plastic shoe boxes for easy labeling and to keep from having to
move a hundred things to find a lost stone flies upward. I hope
you like the bench. My next one will be larger with a wing to the
right. It has a separate soldering section and setting section with
a built in ultrasonic countersunk into the stainless steel top with
24 drawers. With a TV, refrige, and micro built under counter. (
just Kidding ). Steve


Steve Satow you amaze me with all those details & creature comforts.
Your bench is pretty complete for a setter anything better than this
would be having the setting done by someone else that you trust to
do a better job than you do. (Never!)

Looking at the bench it seems this must be a third or a fourth bench
you have made. I really liked your bench and the effort you made to
share it with all of us. Think of all the Orchidians out there who
will benefit from this without day dreaming of that ultimate bench
we all visualize.

But (I knew there will be a but some where) you will have about may
be 50 different suggestions. One of them will be the Cut out on the
table top. (This is a group of people more like a cult)

Let us keep a count on the different suggestions we get and perhaps
put all these suggestions or the ones that you would like in a
summary & make a posting at the end. This will further serve the
Orchid community. Perhaps we need a Panel to do this Brad can you
keep count of all these suggestions.

Still freezing in New York but thank God no tornadoes.

Kenneth Singh