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New type of 3M radial bristle discs

I have recently found a different series of radial bristle discs
from 3M they are being sold to the auto finishing industry. They
have a heavier stiffer bristle and a coarser grit (36, 50 & 80) than
the ones in the jewelry catalogs. They are 6" diameter 8 ply discs
for use on a polishing motor. If you need to remove lots of material
on difficult surfaces you will love these. I found them at Eastwood an auto restoration / customization supply
company which has a lot of tools and supplies that can crossover to
art metal and jewelry uses. I have suggested to Rich Bohr that 3M
market them to the jewelry industry but untill then the disks are at

check them out for your more aggressive finishing problems.

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Thank you for that excellent link, 

For those wanting a vibratory tumbler, there are two listed on the
site under the “Clearance” heading.

There are also interesting mallets as well as shapes used to hammer
metal over. I find these very useful as economical stakes.