New tool for engravers and stonesetters

Many of you who use pneumatic tools to assist you with your
engraving, stone setting, and texturing now have another tool

Steve Lindsay sent me the first of his recently patented “palm
controllers” to try out last week.

Designed to fit on his Air Chasing and Classic tools, this new
improvement makes the foot pedal obsolete! Basically what he has
done, was to take all of the parts that are contained in his standard
foot control shrunk them, and stuffed them all inside a new
“handle” that fits on his tools.

This palm control handle will be available to fit on all of his
previous tools except the Omega version. Just twist off the old
handle and twist on the palm control. Connect the tubing directly to
your air compressor regulator. Set it for 40 lbs. of pressure and go
to work. ALL of the controlis now in the handle, length of stroke
as well as the power of the impact. You need never reach for
controls with your arms or legs again!

Instead of pressing on the pedal to get the tool to respond, you
simply push lightly on the graver. The “feel” of traditional palm
pushed gravers with all the advantages of a power assist!

I gotta admit old habits die hard, and I found myself feeling around
on the floor for the foot pedal quite often. It also takes a little
time to become tuned in with this tool. Again, I think that this has
to do with habits you acquire over the years. A beginner would not
have to overcome these habits. After about 6 hours I felt comfortable
and confident with this amazing new technology.

I have made no adjustments to the tool since it arrived. The
settings that it arrived with are perfect for a wide variety of
engraving and stone setting, but Steve tells me that it can be
further fine tuned to a particular persons style or a particular job
or technique.

I only wish that these had been around 30 years ago. Might have
saved me 3 carpal tunnel and 2 elbow release surgeries

Anyone who wants to try this new palm controller is welcome to stop
by my studio. Please phone ahead of time. You can contact Steve at
his website for the official release date & price.

Usual disclaimer I search out and use the best tools I can find
this is one more to consider for your arsenal. (We HAVE become good
friends over the years, because his service has been nothing less
than outstanding! Maybe that’s why he’s allowing me to test drive
his new invention?) I sell no tools at either the studio or at the
workshops held here.

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
Stockton, CA USA
209-477-0550 Workshop/Studio/Classrooms