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New to working with 18k

Greetings all,

First let me say that I’ve lurked & read this forum for well over a
year, and I think it is the best resource for jewelry-making in the
UNIVERSE. Thank you for being there & contributing.

I am new to working with 18k, having worked with gold fill &
sterling in the past, and I have a few basic questions:

  1. The wire I buy comes coated, according to the supplier, with a
    22k gold wash, which is matte. They state that the 22k wash is
    industry standard. Does that ring true with those of you who work in
    18k? (This is wire from India.) Any detriment to my tumbling this
    product, apart from the 22k wash coming off?

  2. I bought a few balled earwires just to start with, anticipating
    I’ll make my own eventually. These too have the 22k matte wash, but I
    notice that the balled ends are a little rough; dimpled, even. How
    would you polish those dimples out, if at all?

  3. Can you add anything I should be aware of? I am meticulously
    collecting my scraps for recycling. Anything else?

Thank you all for your help! – Barbara

Barbara Lee
Gemella Contemporary Jewelry